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Hailing From:

Leawood, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City, MO)

Currently Living:

In my childhood bedroom in Kansas, but missing my NYC apartment​

Recently Completed:

Dinner, and now my mom's asking me what I want for dinner tomorrow night

Pre Corona:

Cast on a sketch team at the PIT: Hallway Baby, and we had our first Super Sketch Tuesday show. Stand up shows at Caroline's on Broadway, Stand Up NY, and the Comedy Cellar


Learning how to be anti-racist, becoming the next millennial TikTok star, and cutting my bangs while not completely sober



Schitt's Creek, Killing Eve, Law & Order: SVU reruns and my nightmares about social distancing


"White Fragility" and starting "Stay Woke" before reading more YA fantasy fiction with female protagonists

Fun Other Than Acting:

Playing soccer, doing trapeze, eating cookie dough, traveling, teaching kids... ah the "before times"

here's a little about me


most recently

Gabbie was cast on the sketch team "Hallway Baby" at the PIT for their Super Sketch Tuesday

This winter, Gabbie performed at "Caroline's on Broadway" among a few other prominent comedy clubs! 

Gabbie performed at the PIT Underground with her writing partner, Andrew Underberg. Check out the hilarious song, "Interesting"

Stand-up at the Comedy Cellar!

Jews in the Bathroom

Co-written with Andrew Underberg, Gabbie stars in this music video




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